Cleaning windows the right way provides a lot of benefits. Cleaning your windows means higher energy savings for you. The clearer the glass is, the more rays of the sun shines through. The more sunlight comes through, the greater the amount of solar energy enters your house. Solar power must be the most environment-friendly source of energy. Best of all, it’s free. It makes your home warm, and that means you’re going to save a lot of money on your heating bill.  

Just be sure to follow our tips to keep your windows clean. If you do not like to do the job because you do not have the time to do so, consider hiring professional window cleaners to handle the job instead. 


Common Window Cleaning Methods  


Clean the window panes by going sideways in one direction. Do the same for the window interiors, this time going from top to bottom. If you see any streaks, just do that part over. It also pays to have a lightweight toothbrush in your pocket to clean corners. 


You can make your own homemade cleaning solution for the windows by combining water and vinegar in a sizeable container. If you need a heavy-duty window cleaner, just add ammonia and alcohol into the mix.   


As for the tools that you need, scrunching newspapers will help disinfect the windows. Even if you ask modern-day window cleaners, they’ll say that it is the best DIY solution. Your hands will get dirty with the ink but the results will be worth it. Alternatively, you may use a microfiber cloth to clean the window.  


How to Clean Window Screens 


To clean window screens, start by clearing all the debris from the window panes and frames, use a vacuum cleaner. Bring the screen outside to wash it. Place it against the fence or wall. Use a garden hose when rinsing the screen. Such a method is supposed to do away with most soil. Scrub the screen with the use of a brush made of nylon. Clean it with water and dish soap. Then dry it completely before putting it back. 


If there’s still some debris on the window screen, your regular lint brush will work perfectly. It should pick up more dirt or dust. Do this if whenever you’re doing window maintenance tasks. It should make cleaning easier for you.  


Aluminum Window Frame Cleaning 


When cleaning window frames, use scouring pads and liquid soaps. Place several drops of oil onto the tracks after the frames have been rinsed out. Be sure to spread vegetable oil on the entire frame. If the aluminum window frames still fail to smoothly glide, get a wax paper and turn it into a ball. Rub it along the bottom of the frame several times.  


In case you can’t just clean the window yourself, hire a professional window cleaner to shine on your walls! Hire the experts in window cleaning El Cajon so you’ll know that you can get your windows sparkling in no time at all. They can help you get things done while sticking to your budget and providing you with impeccable services.