If you currently own a house and you are now considering to refinance your current mortgage, it would be ideal to do it right now. Though interest rates keep on increasing, they stay lower compared to how they were several years ago. Also, this provides you the chance to reduce your monthly house loan payments and to refinance. Having a greater interest rate to reduce your monthly payments will still be the major reasons why you should consider refinancing. However, that lower rate will depend on a lot of factors, like your credit score, financial situation, and the lender you have chosen for your refinance.

You have to bear in mind that refinancing for a mortgage goes with all the similar fees and processes you encountered when you initially had your first loan, like paying for a document recording, inspection, etc.

While you look for the best lender for you, you have to make sure to do your homework and have your items estimated to know their respective costs. Other lenders advertise a low rate to have you in the door, however, cost you higher processing and escrow expenses compared to others. They know as soon as you have committed effort and time to a lender, it’ll be challenging for you to get out of the entire process. If you wish to refinance, follow the steps below:

Inspect your credit report

Before you meet a lender, it would be great if you check your credit report first to guarantee that there will be no problems that would negatively affect the interest rate you get from your lender. Once there are problems, you will have time to clear things out and fix them before applying for your home refinance.

Have prequalified for a mortgage

As soon as you’re prepared, visit your local credit union and be pre-qualified for a mortgage or refinance home loan. This process enables you to be aware of how you can borrow, what interest rates you’re qualified for, and which programs are accessible to you.

Do the math.

Once you have preliminary numbers, you will know whether refinancing will make sense financially for the situation you are in. Usually, a home refinance indicates a new 30-year loan. Hence, you should compare that with your monthly savings with your new rate and assess whether you can push it through.

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